Underfall Yard, Bristol Harbourside

As a bristol based fit out contractor for museums and heritage projects working nation wide, Beaufort Bespoke were delighted to win this local project.

We were chosen as one of the fit out contractors by the Underfall Yard Trust to manufacture and install various elements of their brand new visitor centre located on Bristol's historic harbourside.

The industrial Power House building is the home for the new visitor centre, with the main focus being a 10m long interactive aerial photograph table. This substantial exhibit was manufactured to the specifications suppplied by Smith and Jones Design Consultants. The glass topped table featured various led light up section so visitors could see the various sections of water making up the Bristol Harbourside. We manufactured the table with a steel subframe, valcrhomat table sections and toughened glass top panels.

Around the perimeter of the table were 8 digital touch screens, fitted into custom built stainless steel housings.

We also manufactured and supplied many graphic panels, interactive audio units, and battery powered digital screen units located around the site.

  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel

The Artbar

Beaufort Bespoke were recently commissioned by The Abbey Hotel Bath to manufacture various furntiture items for their new Artbar refurbishment. We manufactured both the bar counters, together with a coffe station and worked from the specifications supplied by the interior designers. We are experienced at manufacturing furntiture located in commercial environments and understand which materials and finishes to use, to provide a hard wearing lasting end product.

  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel
  • Artbar The Abbey Bath Hotel

Viridor Visitor Centre Cardiff

This fantastic educational visitor centre opened recently at Viridor Cardiff - their new Waste from Energy Facility.

Beaufort Bespoke manufactured the majority of the displays for the visitor centre including a complex interactive model of the facility, angled interactive counters, digital touch screen units and interactive lift up panels.

This work was commissioned by Blackbox Av who were responsible for the delivery of the whole scheme.

Llandegfedd Reservoir Visitor Centre Giftshop

The fantastic new visitor centre at Llandegfedd Reservoir has just opened after years of development work. This Welsh Water managed site has received significant investment from Welsh Water in order to develop a brand new Visitor Centre and Watersports Centre.

Beaufort Bespoke were chosen from a range of other companies because of our experience in retail manufacture and our understanding of the materials and high quality finishes needed.

We worked with Welsh Water and the designers Smith and Jones Design Consultants from Bristol to make the giftshop scheme come to reality.

We manufactured a range of units including a substantial curved reception counter with work surface, vending machine units and shelving, slatwall shelving units and smaller units on castors for low value childrens items.

  • Llandegfedd Visitor Centre Gift Shop Fit Out Contractors

MASH Restaurant Denmark

MASH - Modern American Steak House in Copenhagen, A sophisticated modern american steakhouse with a twist of danish informal eating and drinking.

Beaufort Bespoke have recently helped transform the interior space of the restaurant with various interior elements including custom seating, tables and furniture.

We used walnut veneers, red leather upholstery and ribbed, glazed panels, dividing the various seating areas.

WWT Slimbridge Giftshop

We were approached by the team at WWT Slimbridge as they were keen to completely redevelop and increase the size of their existing giftshop. The existing layout wasn't working for them and the displays no longer showed off the merchandise at their best. We considered the existing flooplans and together we worked out a plan of action for increasing the shop floorprint and making the visitor flow through the giftshop more obvious.

We designed and visualised every element of the scheme prior to any work starting. We developed full 3d cad views of the scheme showing how the giftshop would be laid out in different areas and the different types of merchandising units. This gave WWT the opportunity to sign off all design work and approve the materials seletions chosen for the scheme. It was essential to choose a pallete of materials that reflected the ethos of the WWT and complemented the visitor centre and merchandise.

Once the designs and layouts were approved we undertook all the building work to the site prior to the fit out stage. We managed the whole construction phase and worked closely with the client so they fully understand the progess made and project timetable.

The team at Slimbridge are absolutely delighted with their new giftshop and look forward to increased profits from the sale of goods in the shop - all of which are reinvested into conservation projects.

Lizard lighthouse Heritage Centre - Cornwall

Beaufort Bespoke were chosen as the principle build contractor for the recently refurbished Heritage Centre in the Lizard Lighthouse, the UK’s most Southerly mainland tourist attraction.

Trinity House, the general lighthouse authority for the UK , selected Beaufort Bespoke due to their previous experience in the manufacture and installation of museum displays.

We worked to a detailed set of working drawings supplied by Trinity House and our own project manager ensured the whole installation was delivered in a professional manner and to an extremely high standard.

We were responsible for manufacturing and installing:

  • The main reception area with ticketing desk 
  • All retail displays, seating, and food service area
  • A dramatic entrance tunnel with sound and AV
  • A 18m long graphic timeline wall with 3d plaques
  • 5 interactive archive and display cubes
  • A low tech interactive 'Did you know?' Pole

Archive and display cubes featured a number of pull out drawers with graphics, object display cases and educational interactives. The drawer units were manufactured to an extremely high quality, ensuring they will give many years service in this permanent Heritage Centre.

Utopia office interior re-fit

Utopia, one of the South West's leading interior design consultancies have continued to work with Beaufort Bespoke, this time, refurbishing their extensive offices in Bristol.

Our team of experienced shop fitters, installed many complex items, including custom shelving, coloured wall panelling and furniture items.

Beaufort Bespoke are able to manage whole interior projects and work with many interior designers across the country. Our in house project managers, ensure the whole refurbishment proccess is smooth and hastle free. Our construction work is always of the highest quality.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo Giftshop

Yet another fantastic retail space, this time created for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo! The entire space has been completely transformed with various, flexible retail displays. From trestle tables and chunky crates that offer a really cost effctive flexible merchandising solution, to funky 3d cut animal sculptures, adding personality and character to the space.

We also revamped the ticketing area, which was used with a queue management system to ensure visitors flowed through the space well. Multiple rows of till points were manufactured, ensuring that the space could cope with the high visitor numbers at peak times.

Story Space exhibition, Bristol City Museum

Beaufort Bespoke were chosen by Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery to install this visually dynamic permanent installation. We worked from designs and working drawings produced by the Museum.

We built a number of display walls, many with alcoves, recesses ,interactive activities and one housing a crystal display cave. We used digitally printed laminate for the graphic elements to the project, ensuring all graphic surfaces were tough and would be suitable for a permanent museum installation.

A layered effect was achieved by off setting many of these graphic elements, this was used in conjunction with led lighting, giving some elements a glowing effect.

Beaufort Bespoke manufactured and installed the items in the Museum on time and within the specified budget.

China exhibition, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery

Beaufort Bespoke were chosen by Bristol City Museum, to manufacture and install all the build elements in this modern high profile exhibition.

Working with the Museum's own in house exhibition designers, we built display walls with recesses for digital screens, a number of bench seats, display shelves and plinths.

We manufactured the exhibition to the specifications as supplied by the museum and installed the final display well within the time scales.

Bath Tourist Office

This information centre is the second busiest in the UK! It welcomes over 535,000 visitors each year and provides comprehensive visitor information on Bath, and offers accommodation bookings, ticket sales and a retail offer.

Beaufort Bespoke were the main build contractors for the project, responsible for the manufacture of all of the display to the designers specifications. As its such a high traffic interior, materials and finishes were carfeully chosen for their hardwearing nature. We worked closely with the dsigners and the end client team to deliver well made, clean and practical information centre that Bath can be proud of!

Beaufort's workmanship in translating the designers concepts to practical, workable solutions, and the quality of the works themselves are a credit to you.

We hope to forge an on-going relationship with Beaufort over the years to come. I am sure there will be other projects we may call on you for.

Fiona Humphreys - Commercial Manager

Bristol University Exhibition

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Chester Zoo

Our experience of working in high traffic public spaces, really helped with our approach to the fit out of Chester Zoo's massive new entrance area and retail offering. Beaufort Bespoke were chosen to manufacture every element to this complex retail scheme, which was a complete transformation for Chester Zoo. With its 1.4million visitors a year, materials and construction techniques were carefully chosen to ensure the displays would be robust and stand the test of time.

Dare Visitor Centre

We manufactured and installed this educational and interactive visitor centre at Dare Valley Country Park, Britains first country park built on industrial wasteland. The work was completed for Bristol based Smith and Jones Design Consultants.

The visitor centre was designed to appeal to children and families through the use of bright colour. We spray finished all of the wall structures meaning surfaces could be kept clean and look new for many years. Graphic panels were recessed into the wall structures creating a smooth finished look.

Both Smith and Jones and the end client were delighted with the results.

Dyson Shop

We manufactured and installed this 'Pop up shop' for Dyson which transformed a previously empty shop into an exciting retail space over night. Dyson's own in house team developed the designs for the shop and we worked from their own detailed drawings.

Real and Imagined Lives

We are experienced in display and fit out works in museum environments and have worked for Bristol City Museum on many occasions for a wide variety of projects. This fantastic temporary exhibiton was a collaboration between Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives and the National Portrait Gallery, London.
This particular exhibtion was installed in Bristol's newest high profile Musuem, M Shed on Bristol's historic harbourside.

The infamous Bristol artist Banksy, whose identity remains a mystery, was included in the exhibition as one of the previously unseen portraits, never been on public display before!

Oakley Store

We worked with extreme sports brand Oakley to design, manufacture and install this retail display space at their showroom in Bristol.

PLAY Activity Centre

PLAY at The Collection opens it's doors to visitors! We were chosen by Smith and Jones Design Consultants of Bristol to manufacture and install this exciting play activity area for younger visitors at The Collection in Lincoln.

The Collection is Lincoln's premier art and archeology museum containing both artifacts and objects from archaeological and art collections. Our understanding of materials and manufacturing techniques suitable for interactive dispays for children came in very usefull. It was essential materials, graphics and any moving parts were manufactured from materials that would stand the test of time and stand up to thousands of little fingers!

PLAY will certainly inspire and delight younger visitors and has received a fantastic response since opening.

Dyson Cinetic Retail Exhibition

We manufactured and installed this fantastic retail experience for Dyson in Westfield Shopping Centre, West London. A twelve strong team worked throughout the night to install the complex display, finishing by 9am ready for opening.

The whole stand was completely custom made and featured a Cinetic experience walkway. As visitors walked through, the floor vibrated and jets of aim shot at them through the walls, mimicking the technology in the new vacuum cleaner. We developed the technology side to achieve this, as well as the typical joinery, walls, floors etc.

Needless to say after working through the night to install this, Dyson were thrilled with the finished results.

Urban Sports Exhibition

Beaufort Besoke have just installed this fantastic temporary exhibition at The M Shed in Bristol!
Its an Urban Sports exhibition timed to coincide with the arrival of the Olympic Torch into the city.

The exhibition explores the range of sports that place using the both the city’s urban environment and its natural landscape and will uncover some of the more unusual sporting activities that have taken place in the city as well as tapping into the range of alternative sports that take place in Bristol today.

We worked closely to the designers detailed drawings in order to manufacture the complex zig zag angular plinth detail running through out the exhibition. This zig zag plinth was then fittd with objects, graphics and audio visual effects and looked stunning!

Vestas Office Interior

We manaufactured the interior elements for this slick commercial office interior. Our believe is to manufacture to the highst possible standard which ensures our work, once installed will last many, many years.

Wiltshire Heritage Museum

Beaufort Bepoke were absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the main fit out contractor to this major £250,000 redevelopment at Wiltshire Heritage Museum. This substantial project is one of Beaufort's larrgest projects and involved not only the manufacture of the displays throughout the whole scheme, but major building works too.

I have been impressed by the quality of the work that has been undertaken by Beaufort Bespoke. The work was completed on time and on budget. I would be very happy to recommend them.

David Dawson - Director


Beaufort Bespoke were chosen by museum and exhibition design company Smith and Jones Design Consultants to build a series of high quality durable interactive displays.

Birch plywood was chosen for its tough, hard wearing characteristics. We used CNC machining, in conjunction with direct to substrate printing to produce the interactive displays.

We manufactured a freestanding activity 'race to rehome' game which featured machined grooves running around the table top with sliding counters machined from solid nylon ensuring they were extremely durable. These were then clad with wood.

The resulting Interactive exhibits are of astonishing quality, very durable and have met our objectives of being both fun and educational. The success of the interactives has been demonstrated by the dramatically increased foot-fall to our Museum.

Mark Owen - Managing Director

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